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Society of Vertebrate Paleontology
2002 Annual Meeting

Pre-meeting symposium
Weds. Oct. 9, 2002
Norman, OK

Edward Hitchcock

Call for abstracts

We submitted a preliminary list of participants and contributions with the proposal (Nov. 14).

If you are interested in participating in this symposium, and have not already done so, please contact us ASAP. It is likely that you would be asked to contribute to a poster session rather than the oral session.

NB: We have had far more interest than can be accommodated as talks in a single symposium! There will be a concurrent poster session to handle the overflow; alternatively presenters may prefer to give a talk in the general technical sessions.

Submission of a title/abstract does not guarantee particpation in the symposium; the convenors will be "selective"...!

SVP will only allow one first-authored presentation per person per conference. There is no limit to the number of abstracts on which an individual can be a junior author.

See the First Circular for more information regarding abstract submission.

Richard T. McCrea
University of Alberta

Emma C. Rainforth
Columbia University

Joanna Wright
University of Colorado at Denver

Paul E. Olsen
Columbia University

Eubrontes giganteus
Early Jurassic, Connecticut valley (CT/MA)
Attributed to a large theropod.

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