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Avanzini, Marco - Lower Jurassic dinosaur footprints in the Italian Alps: an overview
Breithaupt, Brent, Elizabeth Southwell, Thomas Adams, and Neffra Matthews - Morphological analysis of Middle Jurassic dinosaur tracks
Bromley, Richard - Artiodactyl trackways in Pleistocene dunes
Demathieu, Georges - Reptile evolution determined from chirotheroid footprints
Foster, John R. - Preservation and abundance patterns in the ichnological record of the Morrison Formation (Upper Jurassic, North America)
Gangloff, Roland & Kevin May
Gatesy, Steve - Undertracks and the skin-sediment interface: what layer(s) did the dinosaur really touch?
Gierlinski, Gerard & Grzegorz Niedzwiedzki - Dinosaur tracks in the Late Jurassic of Poland
Hasiotis, Stephen T. - Vertebrate trackways as trampled zones: paleoenvironmental and sequence stratigraphic implications
Hunt, Adrian P. & Vincent Santucci - Reinterpretation of the Permian vertebrate ichnofossils from Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
Jennings, & Steve Hasiotis - It's About Time: A Reexamination of Dinosaur Feeding Sites in Northern Wyoming
Klein, Hendrik & Hartmut Haubold - Chirotherians and grallatorids from Mid-Late Triassic deposits in central Europe
Kvale, Eric, Debra Mickelson & Gary D. Johnson - Diversity and temporal distribution of newly discovered Jurassic/Cretaceous vertebrate tracks in north-central Wyoming
Leite, Michael B. - Morphometrics of Daimonelix
Lockley, Martin G. - The relationship between tracks and the whole animal: new morphodynamic approaches
Lucas, Spencer G. - Toward a Phanerozoic tetrapod footprint biostratigraphy and biochronology
Martin, Anthony J. - Vertebrate trace fossils: why they are better than body fossils
Matthews, Neffra - Photogrammetric and laser scanning methods for collecting 3-D data on dinosaur tracks, with examples from the Western Interior
Mayor, Adrienne - Fossil footprint legends: prescientific interpretations from antiquity to the present
McCrea, Richard T. - Non-dinosaurian reptile prints from the Berriasian-Upper Paleocene of western Canada
Melchor, Ricardo - An overview of the Triassic track record from Argentina
Mickelson, Debra L. - New vertebrate tracksites and skeletal remains of pre-dinosaurian communities, from the Triassic Moenkopi Formation, Utah
Olsen, Paul E. & Emma C. Rainforth - Biostratigraphy of Newark Supergroup footprints and the Triassic-Jurassic tetrapod transition
Pemberton, S. George - Rev. Henry Duncan's fossil footprint finds from Dumfriesshire, Scotland
Pyenson, Nicholas D. - Vertebrate ichnofossils from the Union Chapel Mine, Alabama, USA
Rainforth, Emma C. & Peter M. Galton - Footprint studies in the Connecticut Valley, 1836-1953
Reynolds, Robert - Tertiary tracks and substrates
Santos, Vanda - Dinosaur tracksites in Portugal: scientific and educational value of ichnoheritage
Santucci, Vincent - Theft and vandalism of vertebrate trace fossils: Strategies for in situ management and protection
Storer, John - Arctic tracksites
Tucker, L. - A Late Carboniferous tetrapod ichnoassemblage of Shropshire, England
Wright , Joanna L. - New quantitative methods for describing and comparing the shapes of vertebrate footprints





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